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Is the Tea Party Movement Dead ? I SAY NO !

By Wayne Iverson, MD - San Diego, CA

Doctors Tea Party Founders, Adam Dorin, MD and Wayne Iverson, MD

This has been a difficult election cycle with the Democrats succeeding “surprisingly” in so many races. Unfortunately many on our side thought the Republicans did something wrong, had the wrong positions, had problems with their messaging, even had too many folks of one particular ethnicity. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Democrats were more united behind their issues and candidates, and were willing to do whatever it took to get their guys elected. We all know how the media promotes the left and demonize those on the right. And we know that implementing voter fraud tactics is now SOP for Democrat victories in many races.The Tea Party movement will continue to be the grass roots activists in the conservative movement.

Tea Party Patriots has been an excellent example at a national level being an ISSUES BASED organization rather than a CANDIDATE BASED organization. As such, Tea Parties should push to have all candidates understand and see the wisdom in promoting Tea Party principles in their platform and deliberations in public office. But to do this, Tea Parties need to make sure they genuinely welcome all candidates for public office, even those running for the same office.

The Tea Party movement will be even more important this next election cycle as we move one step closer to restoring America.

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