Immediate Action Needed: Fund America, Defund ObamaCare

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Dr Adam Dorin and Dr Wayne Iverson            
Call for Action from the
National Doctors Tea Party 

Sunday September 29, 2013
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From: Wayne Iverson, MD 
Sent: Sunday September 29, 2013
Contact as many US Senators as you can and tell them to
Call by phone, write, email & or go to their offices.


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U.S. Senate seat up for grabs!


I want to make sure everyone knows the voters in New Jersey will have a chance to see who is the best person to represent the Republican ticket in a Special Election that is only weeks away. I am working on behalf of my friend and colleague Dr. Alieta Eck who wants very much to be your next US Senator from New Jersey.
This whole race has is not even 1 week old.  The Special Election was only announced by Gov. Christie 5 days ago. Unfortunately there may be many folks like this misguided Mary P. who don't know who all the candidates are. I have known and worked closely with Dr. Alieta Eck for four years. She is a solid conservative doing a great deal of Christian charitable work for the poor. She actively supported and fought for our friends like Sharron Angle for US Senate in Nevada, Nick Popaditch for Congress here in San Diego and Elizabeth Emken for US Senate in California. She has also held up the east coast end of the National Doctors Tea Party with rallies and town hall meetings. Like myself, she has been out in the streets fighting ObamaCare. And, like myself she is a member of the Association of the American Physicians and Surgeons who has been fighting the Affordable Care Act all the way to the Supreme Court.
No, unfortunately there are activist folks on the right that will do a "knee jerk" endorsement for the wrong person. Please be patient, see how the race for US Senate in New Jersey unfolds, and then decide for yourself. I am sure if you watch the New Jersey US Senate Special Election Race carefully you will agree with me Dr. Alieta Eck is the best person for the job.
Please visit Alieta's website at: and Facebook page at: .
Thank you !
Wayne Iverson, MD
Former Candidate for Congress District 52 CA 2012



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Dr Adam Dorin and Dr Wayne Iverson

Event of Interest from the

National Doctors Tea Party

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Tax Day Tea Party San Diego 2013


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Help Protest Government

Tax and Spending

Monday April 15, 2013 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Carmel Mountain Ranch Post Office,

across the street


Message from Maggie Cooper, Liberty Tree Patriots, Poway California:

maggie cooper-180x180_72Taxed Enough Already !

On April 15th join your fellow concerned citizens exercise their 1st Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble and petition the Government about the current high level of taxation and the twenty (20) new taxes forced onto the American Tax Payer under the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare. From 4:00 pm-7:00 pm we will be gathering across the street from the Carmel Mountain Ranch Post Office 1151 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego. CA. Bring your tea party signs, American flags, banners and flyers. We are forecasting another large turn out of people this year. I hope to see you there ! For more information visit the Website at: and Facebook at:


Tax Day Tea Parties 2013

Visit the TAX DAY TEA PARTY SAN DIEGO Website. On April 15th, 2013 we expect to see Tea Party rallies all across the country in one loud voice saying: “TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY !” . Visit this site regularly to find out the latest update on local San Diego events.


Wayne Iverson, MD talks to Mike Slater about March 30, 2013 Tea Party Event