Is the Tea Party Movement Dead ? I SAY NO !

By Wayne Iverson, MD - San Diego, CA

Doctors Tea Party Founders, Adam Dorin, MD and Wayne Iverson, MD

This has been a difficult election cycle with the Democrats succeeding “surprisingly” in so many races. Unfortunately many on our side thought the Republicans did something wrong, had the wrong positions, had problems with their messaging, even had too many folks of one particular ethnicity. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Democrats were more united behind their issues and candidates, and were willing to do whatever it took to get their guys elected. We all know how the media promotes the left and demonize those on the right. And we know that implementing voter fraud tactics is now SOP for Democrat victories in many races.The Tea Party movement will continue to be the grass roots activists in the conservative movement.

Tea Party Patriots has been an excellent example at a national level being an ISSUES BASED organization rather than a CANDIDATE BASED organization. As such, Tea Parties should push to have all candidates understand and see the wisdom in promoting Tea Party principles in their platform and deliberations in public office. But to do this, Tea Parties need to make sure they genuinely welcome all candidates for public office, even those running for the same office.

The Tea Party movement will be even more important this next election cycle as we move one step closer to restoring America.

Aug082010 - Doctors against Obamacare say no to a government takeover 

A sea of white coats filled Spanish Landing in downtown San Diego to present a united front against government-controlled health care. A group of physicians formed the National Doctors Tea Party and have begun their cross country trek; however these doctors are on a mission to educate Americans about the perils of Obamacare.

Typical complaints speakers addressed was the need for choices, choices in doctors, choices in insurance and choices in politicians. Approximately 1,000 attendees cheered when Angle boasted about ousting incumbents, expanding liberty and limiting government’s reach into every aspect of daily life.


Aug082010 - Doctors rally in New Brunswick against Obamacare

Hundreds of doctors and their patients filled a pavilion in Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick on Saturday afternoon as part of New Jersey's participation in the National Doctors' Tea Party.

Republican Congressional candidate Anna C. Little addressed the rally, which took place between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.. Also addressing the rally, mainly to talk about the devastation that President Obama's massive health-care bill would wreak for patients everywhere, were Grace-Marie Turner, head of the Galen Institute in Washington, DC; Lou Keeler, former head of the Medical Society of New Jersey; Alieta Eck, director of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons; Lois Copeland, the AAPS' past president, and Andrew L. Schlafly, the AAPS' general counsel.



Fox4KC - Doctors Tea Party Protests on the Plaza

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Metro doctors are taking a stand against the Obama administration's health care plan. On Saturday, a group of tea party doctors met on the Plaza to show their solidarity. The growing national debate over health care is taking shape in Kansas City amongst those in the health care field.

Doctors, nurses and surgeons met on the Plaza as part of the Doctors' Tea Party to speak out against the national health care plan. But many in this field feel differently, that this plan will work for America.

The doctors stood near the JC Nichols Fountain protesting in white lab coats. They wanted to voice their concerns with the nation's health care plan.



KGTV - Doctors Protest Federal Health Care Reform

Hundreds of doctors and health care professionals converged upon Harbor Island on Saturday to protest federal health care reform and the economy. They're concerned the President's plan amounts to socialism and say it must be repealed. The event was called "The National Doctor's Tea Party", which drew hundreds of doctors and health care professionals to rally against what they call "ObamaCare."

"The federal government is not the answer," a protester told 10News. Most of the doctors who showed up wore their white lab coats and some carried signs.