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Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011

Movie Screening of Sick and Sicker:  The South Orange County 912 Tea Party Group is holding a screening of the new documentary about what happens when the government becomes your doctor.


More information at http://www.meetup.com/SOC912/events/21560351/


Location: Christian Mission Church 27812 Forbes Road, Suite A Laguna Niguel, CA

Date/Time: Monday, June 27, 2011 6:30pm


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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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    National Doctors Tea Party - Locations - Laguna Niguel, CA - June 27, 2011
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